Friday, November 12, 2010

About Gurdjieff and his thoughts

I was doing a search and came upon Gurdjieff. I had heard about him and read this blog and here is an excerpt from it. It's so timely. He hit the nail on the head when he analyzes "man's inability to take hold of reality" it's still true to this day:

“The Armenian Gurdjieff conferences mark the significant and almost mythical return of the teachings of the greatest modern sage to his homeland. With imaginative insight and scholarly finesse, the papers in this volume confront the greatest human problem, man’s inability to take hold of reality —what Gurdjieff called sleep—and the catastrophic conditions that rise up from that cause, war, cultural irrationalism, over-consumption, and intractable hegemonies. The topics are timely, the exposition is clear and lively, and the information is crucial and compelling.”

Here is an upcoming event by the Gurdjieff Foundation on Nov 19th, 2010:

I was curious what information this Gurdjieff Foundation had about him and it's interesting that his Armenian roots are not mentioned at all from his mother's side, nor that his father is Greek. I belief that's important as to how his views of the world has shaped considering what he witnessed in WWI. I believe a better description would be more appropriate by this Foundation. If you have a whole Foundation dedicated to a man of intellect and vision, you would give as much information as possible. All you would see is a very small paragraph. Here is about him as presented by the Foundation:

I got more out of the above blog, than the Foundation's page. If you just had stumbled upon the the "about" page, I doubt that you would be interested in learning more about this great person.

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