NLA digitisation of WWI/WWII Middle East Maps

The National Library of Australia has been digitising some of its older Middle Eastern mapping, particularly that relating to the Palestine and Mesopotamia/Iraq campaigns of the 2 world wars. The first set of maps are now viewable online.

Their Gallipoli mapping, and other (catalogued) maps of this Middle Eastern area will be digitised soon.

The best way to find digitised maps in our catalogue is to keyword search for the and , and limit the search to 'NLA digitsed material'
eg for Palestine, Aden, 126k, 1930 Aden. Perim Island 1930 Aden. Perim Island 1958 Aden. Kamaran Island 1957 Aden Protectorate 1914 Aden. Map showing tribes and new boundary of the Aden Protectorate 1906 Bahrain. Bahrein Island 1942 Iraq, 500k, 1930s/40s Iraq, 200k, German WW2 Iraq. Lower Mesopotamia 1919 Iraq. Map A. Distribution of tribes in Iraq 1938 [we hold the sheet for Iran too, but it's uncatalogued] Iran, 200k, German WW2 Iran, 50k (MDR 685) , 1941 (SW Iran) Iran, Razan, 25k, 1940-50s Iran. Ruwā̄ndūz 1:50,000 1943 (1 of 3 sheets) Jordan, 50k (GSGS 3937), 1943 Jordan. Trans-Jordan 1:250 000 1933-34 (2 of 3 sheets) Lebanon, 50k, (K724) 1970s- Palestine, 100k, 1930s/40s Palestine, 100k (GSGS 4078) 1930s/40s Palestine – UN partition plan report maps 1947 Palestine. Town plans, Haifa (3 of 4 sheets) 1943 Palestine. Town plans, Nazareth (1 sheet) 1946 Palestine. Town plans, Jaffa, Tel Aviv (2 of 2 sheets) 1944 Palestine. Haifa Harbour general plan 1931 Palestine. Sinjil-Jenin outline map 1918

To do: to check out if they have in their collection Armenian territories and historic maps pre-1915

Here is map results I found for Armenia:[]=&submit=Find&limit[]=format%3AMap


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