Armenian Genocide Documentaries

List of countries that have recognized the Armenian Genocide: Argentina Belgium Canada Cyprus France Greece Italy Lebanon Russia Sweden Switzerland Slovakia Uruguay Vatican Netherlands Poland Germany Venezuela Lithuania Chile

Here is a visual of as of today which countries have recognized the Armenian Genocide (credit: Armenian Pulse on FB): A rainy day in April • Yağmurlu bir Nisan günü

BBC: Armenian Genocide documentary The Armenian Genocide (Part 1 of 4) FYI Gavourlar means Infidels (for being Christian) - whenever I see "Kafir Cheese" in the market, which really means "Infidels' cheese" I wander if anyone really realizes what it really means... So now you know. An Armenian Genocide Survivor Speaks (3 of 3) Turkey: Armenian Family Erased Comment les Turcs ont massacré les Arméniens du génocide arménien adeline082-10.wmv-génocide Arménien The Armenian Genocide (PBS) - Trailer Rough Cut Turkey: A Family Erased Revisiting a bitter history BY George Kachadorian November 25, 2008

On the Radio April 24, 2016 details at:

Update on June 19, 2017:
I was doing an unrelated search and came across this information. Hence adding it here: What are Turkish State Intellectuals Afraid of?
February 3, 2013

1. Talaat’s report on the Armenian Genocide


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