Sunday, April 1, 2012

Dedicated to Armenian Genocide

Paruyr Sevak - Anlreli zangakatun

ARTHUR MESCHYAN-UR EIR ASTVATS LIVE 2006 - (Where were you God - at the end of the song/prayer asks strength)

KOHAR - Erzroumtsinerou Yerk = the song of Erzeroum Armenians:

KOHAR - Zeytountsinerou Yerk = the song of Zeytoun Armenians:

KOHAR - Zartir, Lao = wake up sony, Sultan wants to eradicate us, please wake up... you know son how to love, but don't know how to fight...

KOHAR - Artyok Ovker Yen

KOHAR - Karavan = garavan = caravan

KOHAR - Herosneri Genatse = Let's drink for our heroes

KOHAR - let's unite via songs: with Stars of Armenia, Live in Concert on 28 May 2011, Yerevan

KOHAR - Guiliguia - Cilicia - Giligia

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