International Jazz Day

Here is the list of worldwide events on the occasion of International Jazz Day - bookmark and refresh this link for updates: Here is info regarding Jazz and Armenia from the above source: Armenia


Contact Details: Stella Melkonyan ASPnet National Coordinator Armenian National Commission for UNESCO 2 Government House Republic Square Yerevan, Armenia, 0010 Tel. (+37410) 54 40 41 ext 212 Fax. (+37410) 54 39 25

Activity: Schools will teach about the history of jazz, and students, teachers and parents will meet with famous Armenian jazz performers. Visual aids, including posters with information about famous jazz artists will be prepared by the students in advance and posted a week before the event. Jazz music will play during the breaks.

Notes: TENTATIVE AGENDA 15:00-15:15 Opening Ceremony 15:15-16:00 Introducing Jazz Meeting with famous Armenian jazz musicians 15:40-16:00 Live Performances 16:00-16:15 Closing Ceremony



Entity: Ministry of Culture

Contact Details: Stella Melkonyan Armenian National Commission Tel. (+37410) 54 40 41 ext 212


Concerts by Armenian state jazz orchestra and “Amaras” etno jazz band Jam sessions in a number of clubs with participation of national and international jazz bands


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