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Here is yet another effort to digitize Armenian literature - it's such a treasure.
Digilib was founded in 1999 thanks to the generus support of Alice Ohanessian from Boston, who financed the digitalization of the Classical Armenian Literature for the first two years.

Since 2007 Turpanjian Family Foundation has been supporting Digilib's new and updated website and digitlaization of the Western and Diaspora Armenian Literature.

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This Facebook group is great, it's a refresher to my school day Armenian history lessons!

This information from the Our Home is Armenia:
Argishti I (Argishti, son Menua) - king of Urartu, during the reign of 786-764 BC. e. Argishti I successfully repelled the attack Assyria, Urartu expanded borders in the South Caucasus, founded the city of Erebuni on the edge of modern Yerevan.
786 BC. e. - 764 BC. e.
Preceded Menua
Succeeded Sarduri II

Birth: IX century BC.
Death: 764 BC.
Father: Menua
Mother: Tariria
Children: Sarduri II

Urartu during the reign of Argishti I
During the reign of Argishti I of Urartu I was at the zenith of its power. Conquest father Argishti I, Menua, cut the path of strategic supply and iron horses from Asia Minor, Assyria, Urartu, which gave an important advantage over the neighboring Assyrians. Past power of Assyria in the Near East has passed, so to Urartu. Argishti I, however, did not try to conquer Assyria, but only successfully reflects its attempts to regain lost trade routes. In addition, Argishti I undertook a series of successful campaigns in Mana country that has long come under Urartian influence, and greatly advanced the boundaries of Urartu in Transcaucasia. Here, during the reign of Argishti I founded the city on the site of modern Argishtikhinili Armavir and the city-fortress of Erebuni on the Arin-Berd near modern Yerevan, the original population of which accounted for the prisoners' countries Hati ". Erebuni Fortress was used later Urartu troops to march deep into the area of Lake Sevan.

Translation of the inscription: the greatness of God Khaldi, Argishti, son Menua, this mighty fortress built; She established her name Erebuni for the power Biainili country and to intimidate the enemy country. The land was a desert, the mighty things I have done here. The greatness of God Khaldi, Argishti, son Menua, mighty king, king of the country Biainili, Tushpa city governor


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