Armenian Business: Travel Agency: Aria World Travel

Here is special quote from Adrine A. about Aria World Travel:

The "Armenian Travel Agency" is "amazing".
They are Very good at what they do.
Unbelievable "travel special promotional offers" for "all destinations".
All Armenian Generations from NY/NJ/CT/LA and All Around The World... really "Enjoy" booking travel with them.
We are glad to know them as well & have booked for ourselves, members, friends & family.
So many have "talked about this travel agency"
The "President" of the "travel agency" is, Maria ( she is a wonderful travel agent ).
Her team really knows all the ins and outs of "travel".
Not only do they offer travel to and from "Armenia" as a tour, flights and much more.
They also book "ALL DESTINATIONS", Cruises, Cars, Packages, International & Domestic flights, Groups, Honeymoon Package, Spas and much much more.
They "never" say "NO" to any travel requests.
We are glad to "pass" the word to our fellow Armenians as well.
That's what we are here for.

And here is the official flyer with contact information:


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