Armenian small businesses need loans

The best way to help people is thru self help. We always see governments paying to various countries money, and who knows what happens getting lost in bureaucracy. At times you get so much "junk" mail asking for money. You become skeptic as to how much of the money you send, would actually reach those who really need a boost.

Kiva is a unique tool to help those who are willing to help themself and got a clear vision. It's very transparent. You can actually track the progress and repayment.

I checked Armenia to find out if there are small businesses listed and I found list of two pages:

Here is some of them featured here:

Benik from Avshar village, Ararat region, needs assistance in the area of: Agriculture -Farming
A small loan of $3,000 helps Benik to purchase land for cultivation, and to begin growing new kinds of fruits and vegetables.
Check it out at:

Lusine from the Mkchchyan village of Ararat region, needs some more assistance. She needs loan for farming. Lusine and her family have been engaged in agriculture for more than ten years. Despite her young age (25 years old), she works hard to help her parents to sustain the family. She lives with her mother, brother, grandfather, and husband. The whole family, jointly with Lusine, runs a farm and works hard to cultivate more fruits and vegetables and to gather a good harvest.
So far she was able to raise 32%. Here is her link for additional details:

Karen from Goris is also in the field of Agriculture. A loan of $3,000 helps Karen to pay for 20 new colonies of bees and to renovate the 110 old beehives. So far he has raised 13% raised, $2,600 to go. Karen has been involved in beekeeping for more than 10 years. He keeps 110 colonies of bees, from which he gets high-quality honey. As honey is a must-have item for each household in the region, there are always plenty of buyers of quality honey.
For more details and if you could help out, please check out:

Vigen is in Ijevan, Armenia. He is in the food industry: selling fish.
He needs a loan of $2,400 helps Vigen to construct the second floor of his shop. He has raised 23% raised, $1,825 to go.
Vigen has worked in one of the Armenian construction companies as a builder, but his salary was very low, and he couldn't cover even his own costs. So, he decided to create his own business. For additional info and assistance check out:

Armine is in the Aravus village, Syunik region, Armenia Agriculture | Farming
A loan of $3,000 helps Armine to pay for three cows and forage for feeding them. She hasn't raised yet any cash.
Armine is a 30-year-old mother of three children. She has been involved in agriculture for 10 years. Together with her husband, Armine keeps livestock, which currently includes 15 cows, 10 lambs, and 15 chickens. They also own a piece of agricultural land, where they cultivate wheat, and they sell the gathered harvest in the local markets. Armine gathers milk and uses it in cheese production, and her husband takes it to market and sells it.
To help her out, check out:

There are more of them who need a small boost to succeed. For additional small business assistance in Armenia, please check out:


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