Choir Family Dinner

On Sunday April 14th we attended the annual wonderful Choir Family Dinner, at the Armenian Church of the Holy Martyrs, Bayside, New York.

Special moments from this event:

The committee had done such beautiful set-up, I had to take few shots from different angles, before I headed to attend the badarak:

Here is additional moments:

Shoushan Saraydarian didn the opening remarks. Carol Loshigian had a special message for those who were lucky to attend. After the musical interlude by Shnorhali Chorale, Juliet Gregorio on piano had beautiful melodies for us to put the great finale to this great dinner. We enjoyed great home-made culinary delights expertly prepared by Bercuhi Yagliyan and Siran Kilicyan the boereg, plaki, grape leaf appetizers, delicious hummus, salad, olives. The luleh kebab, the pilav and vegetables were delicious, accompanied with wine and refreshments. Finished off with abundent fresh fruits, tel kadaif, coffee.

The co-chairs were Tamar Kayserian and Shoushan Saraydarian who planned and coordinated this event. Also on the committee were Hilda Biosyan-Sheshedian, Germaine Adil Tek and Mary Selvinazian, Talar Aydin, Vartan Esenyan, Dn. Hagop Yagliyan, Dn, Sason Hagop Demierjian for their support and efforts, in addition to various volunteers.

Enjoy the Shnorhali Chorale directed by Fr. Abraham, and Juliet Gregorio on piano.

About the Shnorhali Choir: The Holy Martyrs Church Choir has been an active part of the church since 1955. The choir has an important role during the Holy Badarak. The members voluntarily spend their Sunday mornings singing the most beautiful Armenian hymns. Gomidas choir members and their current director Kris Kalfayan enhance the Sunday morning services several times a year with their rendering of the Gomidasian version of the Divine Liturgy.

You are welcome to participate in the Holy Badarak and join either the Holy Martyrs Junior or Senior Chior, or the Gomidas Choir. Call the church office for info: 718 225 0235


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