Lectures with Armenian architects series 1

I'll be presenting to you several Armenian architects.

Here is series 1:

Lectures at Urban Lab in Yerevan http://archinect.com/urbanlabEVN:
What does Urban Lab stands for:
Urban Lab Yerevan Institute for Democratization of Urban Planning is a multi disciplinary research based non-profit design practice. It is aimed to advocate the community's rights on influencing the decision making process of the built environment based on participatory design and highlighting the social role of architects, planners and related specialists, who are responsible for shaping built environment. The establishment of the organization was announced during Pecha-Kucha Night of Yerevan at November 8, 2011.

We start with architect Nareg Sargsyan, it's in Armenian language (arevelahayeren) with slideshow:

About Nareg Sargsyan:

Lecture slideshow with Armenian architect Ruben Arevshatyan - it's in Armenian language (arevelahayeren):
talking about the 1960s architect

Lecture with architect Gagik Soghomonyan - it's also in Armenian (arevelahayeren):


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