Helping a Syrian family via crowdfunding: GoFundMe

This morning I had been checking my Tumblr account and going thru some of the posts.

I came across a post by "bena105" entitled "The Chance to Help a Syrian family". I had to click and learn more about it. I clicked on the post and it lead to the following page on Wordpress by Ben Allen: It turned out, it was about an Armenian family and how they are trying to survive, after being able to leave the hellish world that has gripped all of Syria.

The main tragedy of all kind of wars is the disruption of everyday life for people. Being forced to leave everything behind. Figuring out how to survive, dispite the fact that so many donations get collected.

Victoria Mouzenian and her family are one of those, who have found themself in a situation anyone is scared to be found in. They have set up a crowdsourcing page to help them to rebuild their nest. Check out her page at GoFundMe:


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