Armenian youth involvement in our community

Soon after I completed my blog entry about Armenians in New York, I wanted to get one more thing off my to do list. That is, as I was requested to help out with my idea to youth involvement. So I put together some guidelines

Here is some of my pointers:

1. High School: college bound students are requested to do something extra such as serving their community, to do community service.

2. They can help out the elderly in the community, via non-profit organizations and churches. Specially those who want to pursue social services studies
TIP: a committee could setup a Youth Group Committee, which would facilitate the Armenian youth liaise with the Armenian Old Age home and coordinate the youth to go there and help out

3. Liaise with the Museum of Anthropology and get Armenian students to volunteer there - the Youth Committee may arrange this and coordinate with Mrs. Margaret Tellalian-Kirkostas

4. For the youth room, have some sort of after school activity organized, where Armenian high school students would do tutoring. It's recommended for students who excel in one or more subjects, have excellent patience with people, and have the time to teach them. Also those students that like to pursue higher education in various specialized fields (math, science, engineering, social studies etc).

5. Have few students come and help out set-up the tables for Friday night or other events and give them credit for doing so, by writing on official letterhead of the organization, mentioning how many hours of such community service they completed, their initiative and extent of involvement.

6. College admissions officers want well-rounded applicants.

7.The students in turn could write a report about how they made a difference in the Armenian community, their personal fulfillment, passion and initiative and attaching the recommendation/acknowledgement letter by the respective organization.

Any other ideas and recommendations for Armenian youth to be more engaged and involved in our community is welcome


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