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Today I had a very nice surprise, by clicking a new message in Creative Armenians Network. It's a group I had created some over 10yrs ago in yahoo. Overall it was just me posting and members grew to over 300. Then the popularity of Facebook came about.

There was one new message posted today, a real treasure! It read: Please check out www.ArmenianCountry CookingTV. com thanks. I opened the link in new browser and it lead me to It looks like it's a brand new website, written more as an article. The links aren't active yet. However, I copied the links and it led me to this very informative and important video by a TV channel: CBS47.

Penny Candy! Another classic CBS47 video

It is a very important link to an Armenian treasury, small business in Fresno. It's so worth watching this video. It's part of Armenian history, how Armenians came to the US and settled, preserving their culture. Surviving the genocide and finding their path in this new world, enriching with their culture the communities their formed.

Carole Gostanian's one of the ways to preserve our culture and celebrate our survival, at the upcoming 2015 commemoration of the Armenian genocide is thru our food. That is via public TV channel and she needs help bringing this to fruition.

I would certainly would love to learn followup of her plans. As well as what happened to her 60s and 70s memorabilia collection that's mentioned in the above video produced by CBS47.

Get in touch with Carole at:
Carole Gostanian
Executive Producer
Fresno CA


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