Inspired by Armenian fonts

I was so glad to find this entry at Creative Market about how Armenian fonts have inspired all the way from 1685:

Here is the introduction taken from the below widget from which is the quote:

"Miklós Kis Misztótfalusi (Nicholas Kis) was among the fist to found Armenian types. He prepared his first set of exotic types before September 1685 for the Armenian printing house in Amsterdam. It was the knowledgeable mayor of Amsterdam who requested that those types be founded. These types were used to print the mayor’s (Nicolaes Witsen) work entitled Noord en Oost Tartarye. Misztótfalusi’s name appears in the colophon of the book. Later, in 1687, he found Georgian types, which were, in many respects, similar to the Armenian set. Since there was no printing house in Georgia, ...."

Please follow this link to read more about it. It's so fascinating!

If you have additional information, please add in comments section. Thanks in advance!


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