Kütahya ceramics and international Armenian trade networks

Here is article about Armenian creativity and the arts, part of Armenian heritage at the British Museum.

Here is the abstract from VAM.AC.UK

"Kütahya ceramics and international Armenian trade networks
Yolande Crowe
Independent scholar

Although 18th-century Kütahya ceramics have gradually begun to find their place in collections both in Turkey and the Gulf, little scholarly attention has been given to their unique designs and shapes. There are over seventy pieces in the Victoria & Albert Museum’s collections, offering the possibility of studying the ceramic production of this relatively small Anatolian town on the Anatolian plateau, some hundred kilometres south-east of Bursa and Iznik."

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Check here for Kutahya ceramics curated by Sato Moughalian at Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/moughalian/kutahya-ceramics/

Here is google images of the world famous Armenian ceramics

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