99th Armenian Genocide commemoration around the world and in MEDIA

I'll list here the link to all the 99th Armenian Genocide commomrations around the world and in the non-Armenian media: If you have links to non-Armenian sources covering the 99th Armenian Genocide, please add in comments with link -
(note this list will be updated)

Listen or readThe Confiscation of Armenian Properties: An Interview with Umit Kurt


Video at Kunavor.tv of Miqayel Voskanyan April 24, at 9:45am · Yerevan, Armenia: In memory of Armenian Genocide 1915http://gunavor.tv/vacuum/krunk-komitas


Armenians in London remember the 99th anniversary of their Genocide
26 April 2014 by Russell Pollard

Special media advertisement by Mr. Raffy Manoukian(London) on page 3 of the International New York Times related to the Armenian Genocide:


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