Friday, April 25, 2014

99th Armenian Genocide commemoration around the world and in MEDIA

I'll list here the link to all the 99th Armenian Genocide commomrations around the world and in the non-Armenian media: If you have links to non-Armenian sources covering the 99th Armenian Genocide, please add in comments with link -
(note this list will be updated)

Listen or readThe Confiscation of Armenian Properties: An Interview with Umit Kurt


Video at of Miqayel Voskanyan April 24, at 9:45am · Yerevan, Armenia: In memory of Armenian Genocide 1915


Armenians in London remember the 99th anniversary of their Genocide
26 April 2014 by Russell Pollard

Special media advertisement by Mr. Raffy Manoukian(London) on page 3 of the International New York Times related to the Armenian Genocide:

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