GHAPAMA - the traditional Armenian pumpkin dish recipe and it's history

It's autumn and pumpkins are everywhere. Besides all the carvings, it's best to enjoy eating them.

Armenians favour the pumpkin dish called "Ghapama", which is covered pumpkin.

Variety of links about it's history and tradition, along with the recipe:

Ghapama and Armenian tradition at Armeniapedia

Ghapama Stuffed Baked Pumpkin

Truly Amazing Ghapama: Ghapama recipe in Ingredientsmagazine

Ghapama receipe at the Armenian Kitchen

And of course there is the Armenian pop song "Ghapama"

Bake the Ghapama, serve and sing "Hey Jan Ghapama":

Harout Pamboukjian Հէյ Ճան Ղափամայ Hey Jan Ghapama


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