Armenians along the Silk Road. Chapter V. Andin Documentary. 伟大的征程:从亚美尼...

Info from the Andin (or in Western Armenian is Antin)

Published on Aug 5, 2015

Awarded by the President's Prize of Armenia (2015) - ANDIN: ARMENIAN JOURNEY CHRONICLES is an exciting experience about traveling to the farthest corners of the Asian Continent trying to shed some light on new facts about the Silk Road and answer a long-standing question: how did Armenians manage to establish links between East and West long before the Age of Discovery? During 3 years, the crew has been filming in Armenia, France, India, China, Tibet, Central Asia, Russia, Santo Domingo and Mexico.

The Armenian word ‘Andin’ means 'beyond', and the film leads us through the mysteries of past centuries in search of first contacts between East and West.


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