Armenian Genocide commemoration 2016 worldwide

Listing of various Armenian Genocide commemoration and remembrance in 2016 worldwide:

- Rally in California

- George Clooney: 'The whole world' remembers Armenia on anniversary in USA TOday:

- George Clooney calls denial of Armenia genocide 'ridiculous' Sunday, April 24, 2016 - Reuters -

- The Armenian genocide A new way to commemorate Mar 10th 2015, 22:26 by B.C. in Economist

- Garcetti Commemorates Genocide, Condemns Artsakh Violence

- Click on this - see images of Armenian Genocide 2016 commemorations worldwide

- Glendale Unified officially adds day off to commemorate Armenian Genocide

- IRAN: Iran: Protesters call on Turkey to recognize Armenian genocideIran: Protesters call on Turkey to recognize Armenian genocide

- Visiting The Armenian Genocide Memorial

- Clooney joins Armenians to mark anniversary of massacre

- Orphanage Founder From Africa Wins Prize in Memory of Armenian Genocide

- Slideshow survivors of genocide®ion=Slideshow+Promo&slideshowTitle=Survivors+of+the+Armenian+Genocide&version=EndSlate

- CBC News - Edmonton Armenian Community Commemorates 101st Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide

- Kim Kardashian 2016 - Armenian Genocide

- National History Day Documentary 2016- Armenian Genocide by Esther Lee

- lecture: 2016 Cleveland Humanities Festival: Remembering War Under Cover of War: The Armenian Genocide and Its Continuing Ramifications
April 4, 2016

- Senator Robert Menendez Armenian Genocide Commemoration 2016

- Sirusho - Where were you | Սիրուշո - Կգա մի օր (Genocide)

- Beyonce - I Was Here (Armenian Genocide 1915 April 24)

- Article in website of the TV's History channel

- Picture collage of 101st commemoration on Facebook:

- Umit Kurt Armenian Genocide 2016

Check on Youtube:

Note: this list is incomplete - I will update soon


From Musa Dagh to Masada

How Franz Werfel’s novel about the Armenian Genocide inspired the Warsaw Ghetto fighters and the Zionist resistance

By Stefan Ihrig

From Wikipadia:


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