Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Cool music to enjoy: featuring Hraach

Let's chill and enjoy some music:

The above tracks are mostly Hraach's -
Here is his bio from SoundCloud:

Hraach is an Armenian music producer, currently he lives in Spain. He began his production in 2011.He has released under the following labels: His music is captivating. You could feel and hear the Armenian notes thru his creations.

-Underyourskin Records
-Akumandra (Andante)
-The Purr

Bookings: www.letzurich.com via sarkis@letzurich.com
Contact him via email at Hrachdeep@gmail.com
Promos: promosforhraach@gmail.com

If you enjoy his creations tying the past with the future, share and tell all your friends. Your comments are welcome

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