The Balian or Balyan family: an article

Armenians have been on creative path over the centuries. Anytime there was peace in their homeland in Asia Minor, in Greater Armenia and Lesser Armenia, they built. That was always my impression while studying Armenian history at Sourp Neshan, which later on became Souren Khanamirian College.

I was always impressed during peaceful times, they build, they loved enjoying life, unlike other nations who were always on destructive and domination path!

Here is the Balian family which built many of the outstanding architectural monuments that have lasted thru our times.

Today I was reading this article and it's worth adding it in this blog: It'a about the Balian or also spelled at times Balyan family:

The Balyan Family: Armenian masters behind Ottoman architecture written by Ekrem Buğra Ekinci.

On Quora there is Question and Answer page about the "ian" Armenian last names: It certainly needs further explanation by those with better knowledge:


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