About Marc Aryan ՄԱՐԿ ԱՐՅԱՆ Armenian singer

Today at the Facebook group of
Turkish Armenian Business Development Council of
September 13 at 2:14pm · there was mention of an Armenian singer. Here is his biography:

Marc Aryan ( Henri Markarian) - Yerevan -ԵՐԵՎԱՆ
Marc Aryan (Henri Markarian) was born to Lebanese Armenian parents, coming from Malatya, Turkey.
After the successful years 1964 and 1965 locally, the years 1966 and 1969 proved to be his most prosperous years internationally. Marc Aryan enjoyed great popularity in the Middle East, particularly in Lebanon and Syria, where he also sang some songs in Armenian language ..
Marc Aryan visited Turkey where his parents originated from. His success was huge after his release of the oriental-themed "Istanbul", one of his best known hits that became an instant classic in Turkey. He also released a number of re-arrangements of his biggest hits in Turkish language.
In 1968, he also visited the Soviet Union where he sang for tens of thousands of fans in Moscow and other cities filling stadiums. Marc Aryan also eventually visited his homeland Armenia for very successful concert tour insisting to sing some songs in Armenian including the famous "Yerevan" dedicated to the Armenian capital.

I searched further in Youtube and compiled some of his songs:


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