Armenian singer: Asu Maralman - Asu Maralman 50. Yıl (Full Albüm)

Today on Facebook, Siban had a link on his wall, which is very educational. I learned about Asu Maralman, (Silva Bursaliyan)(d.20 Şubat 1948, İstanbul) Ermeni asıllı Türk şarkıcı, müzisyen ve oyuncu. (via Wikipedia)

Asu Maralman born as Silva Bursaliyan. An Armenian origin singer, musician, actress; publishes her 50 years songs in Turkish

It's worth mentioning here that, the Turkish government forced many Armenians to change their names, part of the cultural genocide. I need to research more why and when happened her name change. If you know more about here, please feel free to share that information in the comments area. I will do further research in this area and share my findings.

Here is collection of Silva Bursaliyan, known as Asu Maralman songs, enjoy:

Here is some info:
Legally Armenian: Tolerance, Conversion, and Name Change in Turkish Courts: the source is at:


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