RIP Ani's husband James Baumgarmer

Today, once again I tried to contact Ani Manjigian-Baumgarmer to with her Happy New Year. I had tried over the weekend and no one picked up. It's a bit unusual, as Ani always picks up the phone. I mentioned to Sossi and she also was having problem contacting her.

When I got thru few two hours ago, I could tell from Ani's voice that something wasn't right... No matter how life has been tough for her, she always had the most positive outlook. I always admired that positive attitude in Ani. Ani, Sossi and I went to Sourp Neshan in Beirut. They were one class over. Sourp Neshan later became known as Souren Khanamirian College. And during the civil war in Lebanon, it moved to the Eas side.

Here is the obituary of loosahoki Jimmy: May he rest in peace. For over a decade he had very hard life and thanks to Ani's endless love and devotion, he survived for all these years.

The obituary of James Baumgarmer


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