Armenians in Poland

I had studied briefly about the Armenian presence in Poland, when in 9th century or "yergounk To Taroun" (Great pain in 9th century) many Armenian princes left for Poland.

On Facebook today there is mention of Poland celebrating 650 years of Armenian presence. Chances are they were already there, however larger number of them settled there.

Here is quick reference to several articles that cover this topic:

Quote from the following article: "Armenians in Poland have an important and historical presence going back to the 14th century.[1] According to the Polish census of 2011, there are 3,000 self-identifying Armenians in Poland.[2] for full article please follow this link: A Polish lady had mentioned to me that they refer to Armenians as the salt of the earth. And as you see this quote is from the article as well: "...proved themselves really 'the salt of the earth,' an exceedingly useful and desirable element. ..."

In Horizon newspaper is an article: Polish President marks 650 years of Armenian community in Poland
March 29, 2017


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