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I have huge project to scan and digitize all my personal paperwork. One of them was a cut out from The Armenian Report, October 4, 1990 on page 17. It's entitled: Levon Der Bedrosian's visit to the New York Area. The caption reads:
"United Nations Gathering, President Levon Der Bedrosian surrounded with United Nations Armenian employees during his visit to the headquarters of the world organization. At left seated is A. Yeghiazarian, deputy Foreign Minister of Armenia, who is attending the U.N. General Assembly as a member of the Soviet delegation.

Chances are we were given a xerox copy from the newspaper.

I did research about The Armenian Reporter and here is some background information, as well as where to find copies of it in various libraries:
Libraries that Have It: The Armenian reporter. (Flushing, N.Y.) 1967-1991

As you would see, they are not complete archives of the collection. If you know of a source that has public archive of the newspaper, please contact us.

My scan of xerox copy of the article is coming up very poor at 600 dpi
At this point, I'll still keep the xerox copy in in my archives.

Here is the .jpeg copy

Here is the name of some of the people I recognize in the photo:
Seated, first row: second person is Joyce Sulahian, Levon Der Bedrosian, loosahoki/late Lucine Manoushagian, Florence Avakian.
On the second row standing,the third person is loosahoki/late Sara Antreasian, the fifth person is Ani Kupelian Berrezoug, the seventh person is Nora Benari, ninth person with the child is yours truly, Lucine Kavafian Tegnazian with Alex. I had picked up my son from the UN Childcare Center and we had to wait for Levon Der Bedrosian to arrive for an hour in a conference room in the Secretariat bldg.

More information about The Armenian Reporter is at:


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