Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Episode 1: Welcome to The Spyurk Report

Received this introduction about the new Spyurk Report (report about the Diaspora) happenings:

ONEArmenia and ArmComedy are proud to present The Spyurk Report, a satirical news show bringing the English-speaking world into Armenian current events. This isn't, however, your regular nightly news.

The show stars comedy and Armenian TV personalities Sergey Sargsyan and Narek Margaryan in monthly episodes addressing the most pressing issues between Armenia and America. The duo dives into current events, offering people interested in Armenian current events a glimpse into the country’s political life. The first episode aired last Friday, November 3 on Youtube and answered some of your wildest questions:

What happened during the (alleged) fist fight in the Armenian Parliament?
Why was Anthony Bourdain blacklisted by Azerbaijan?
What is Donald Trump talking about when he promises “A lot of love?”

Bari Luys 12.04.18

Stepan Partamian discusses about the Armeian society and invites the public to participate.